Why CarteFolie

A cardless loyalty program solution for your store to focus on your existing customers and get new ones. Do it BETTER than the big brands!

Customize Rewards

An app-based loyalty card is ideal for busy places. When customers check-in via their smartphone they appear instantly on your merchant dashboard. Simply tap to give points or punches.

Connect with Customers

CarteFolie is more than just an app that replaces loyalty cards. By pushing promotions directly to their phones, you get to boost customer retention and increase sales in those quiet times.

Create Stronger Relationships

Call your customers by their name, monitor their buying patterns and treat them with your reward programs to see them coming back with a bigger smile.

Reward Sales not Visits

The more your customers spend, the more they get rewarded. Turn occasional visitors into regulars.

A loyalty reward program maintains and grows your business

– Encourage your customer to keep coming back and spend more. That will result in 50% increase in revenue,
– Increase your customer lifetime value. Attract them before your competitors do,
– Attract new referral business by an approximate 23% of the annual increase in revenue.

Go digital – Go green

– Eliminate the use of plastic cards; which means customers do not need to carry an extra plastic card in their pocket and most probably end up throwing it away and not benefiting from the offers,
CarteFolie Facebook promoter– Customers have access to info on their earning and rewards at any time without going to or calling the merchant,
– Merchants can manage their deals and offers; which means they can easily change or edit their offers to meet the season or situation without the need of designing, printing and advertising.

Collect customers data while protecting their privacy

– Once a customer checks-in at your shop and executes the first transaction, his registered information automatically gets stored in your records. You do not need to keep asking customers for their info,
– Communicate with your customers by sending them push notifications directly to their mobile phones,
– Impress your customers by greeting them on their birthdays and offering them gifts and specials.
Enjoy extra benefits
– Listed on CarteFolie application, customers can have access to your business contact details and addresses.
– Being geo-location based, customers can locate close by merchants, see them on the map and even request directions.

No app? No worries!

So, you invite your customer to install CarteFolie but for some reason he cannot or simply does not have a smartphone. We thought about this issue and solved it. Simply sign him up with one click and provide him with his CarteFolie ID on a card that he will be carrying dearly

Focus on what you do best

No expensive software developments, no update charges, no hosting charges, no headaches. Concentrate on your business and let us handle all the software part.