All business owners understand the importance of “customer loyalty”. To find out how small business owners should promote their loyalty programs to customers and at the same time encourage continued engagement, read ahead.

– The popularity and success of any business is in the hands of the business owner. Train your clerks to fully understand the benefits of downloading the CarteFolie App in order that they pass the information on to the customers correctly.

– Once you decide to adopt a digital loyalty program like CarteFolie, you need to stick with it and take it seriously for your customers to also do the same. Dedication is the key point.

– Get people excited about signing up by offering them first timer rewards like free points or discounted offers. A customer can never say no to receiving free incentives.

– Present eye catching rewards like free gifts, buy two get one free, 20 reward points, etc and display them prominently, giving your customers a reason to join your loyalty Program.

– Embrace the advantage of word of mouth marketing by offering bonus points to customers who get their friends to join your loyalty program. This can be done through social media sharing

– As a business owner, it is your job to protect your business so send in a secret shopper randomly to make sure that the clerks are correctly promoting the CarteFolie App and mentioning its benefits to customers.

-Use the promotional visual (example below) sent to you by the CarteFolie team on your social media pages or around your store to announce the program to your shoppers. Don’t forget to ask fans to also share this on their page.



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