CarteFolie is the new loyalty program everyone wants! It eliminates the hassle of carrying around plastic cards for reward points, as it works simply by checking in with a tap on your mobile screen. Install the CarteFolie app from your “Apple Store” or “Play Store” and let the loyalty begin!

What exactly is a Loyalty program?
For those who haven’t come across this term before, a loyalty program is simply a merchant’s way of repaying his/her loyal customer by gratifying them with gifts, better prices or services. For example, is offering free chalet rentals at MzaarVille, free hour ski lesson, etc. Usually this is done through the use of plastic cards (similar to credit cards) which identifies the card holder as a loyal customer.


Why CarteFolie? (For customers)
We understand how much of a hassle it is to carry around these “cards” especially when you are gathering reward points from several merchants. It must be irritating to look through each and every card to find the merchant’s store you are in; this is why CarteFolie has substituted these cards with one simply App which can be downloaded on any Apple or Android device. CarteFolie can even use your location to let you know what stores near you are offering rewards to buyers.

Why CarteFolie? (For Merchants)
First and foremost, in general, loyalty programs have been proven to boost the growth of a business. Why not just use a card like everyone else? Well, CarteFolie can help boost your business’ reputation. How? buyers may not have come across your store before but once you have joined the CarteFolie program, your store is automatically placed in the CarteFolie app where every user can come across it and can also be seen through Facebook. It is important to know also that loyalty programs are not just to attract new customers by word of mouth, but to also ensure that existing customers feel valued at your business. Remember, customers appreciate loyalty programs and love to feel important.

Loyalty programs have become the most effective marketing tool. They help keep your customers happy, increase your customer count, and also increase the reputation of your business. If you haven’t already joined our loyalty program at CarteFolie, you may be missing out on one of the easiest means of success for your business.

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