Frequently Asked Questions

A simple solution with a massive effect

CarteFolie is fanatically easy to use, for both the merchant and the customer. You do not need to be a computer expert to benefit from our great services.
For less than a cup of coffee per day, you can empower your business from the moment you signup. Our monthly and yearly rates depend on your country but are extremely affordable for merchants and completely free for customers.
Studies have proven that with only 5 of your customers using CarteFolie regularly, you cover your monthly subscription.
We do offer the Freemium version with all features included and limited to 10 customers. After that, you will get excited interacting with your visitors and never want to stop.
Your cashiers will use the CarteFolie Validator “StoreFolie” interface to manage your customers’ point or punches. It was designed with the busy merchants in mind while it only take seconds to service a checked-in customer; yes seconds! It hasn’t slowed down merchants with their 400 check-ins during their evening rush and it will surely not slow yours.
No, this feature is currently not available; you will need to switch them as they visit your business and download CarteFolie App. You can easily adjust the info and loyalty history from your StoreFolie interface.