Costs 10% of ad campaign
The cost of running a digital loyalty program is at most 10% of any ad campaign you run on Facebook or Google AdWords. It also protects your ad investment by retaining new customers that you just attracted.

It goes everywhere with you
Say goodbye to the frustration of not seeing your customers carrying your plastic loyalty card with them. Today, no one leaves home without their smartphone, which means your business is constantly showing under their “My Earnings” tab 😉

Faster than plastic cards
Signing up your visitors through the traditional loyalty card or managing their points at your store is time consuming, especially if you are in a rush. Compare it to seconds, yes seconds, tapping on your StoreFolie dashboard to keep you both connected.

Green solutioncartefolie
We have eliminated the use of plastic and carton cards and freed your wallet. No need also for expensive card printers when signing up customers. A small step for you but a giant step towards a cleaner environment.

Social aspect
A wonderful opportunity to approach and converse with your customers about CarteFolie and show how they’ll be treated if they return by keeping them up to date with new offers and deals.

Cut the costs of developing your own App and boost your business while showing how trendy you are. Imagine the positive effect on shoppers enjoying your rewards programs from their finger tips, anytime, anywhere.

Effortless customer Database
The hassle of creating a database of your customers is over. With CarteFolie, all the information you need is provided by your customer upon launching the App for the first time and is automatically stored under your account. Export the list, generate the statistics you need or simply watch it effortlessly grow every day.

Convenient and easy interaction
Replace your expensive SMS gateway with the Free push notification provided by CarteFolie. Communicate your promotions and offers to all your loyal customers, even if they haven’t supplied you with their phone number. Times have changed indeed!

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